How to obtain a new driving license?

For obtaining a permanent license, you must obtain a learning license.  The eligibility for obtaining a Learner’s Licence for a private motor vehicle for a vehicle of 50 CC engine capacity and without any gear, is 16 years (if the applicant’s parents or guardians give their consent). The minimum age for applying for permanent license is 18 years.
For obtaining a commercial vehicle license, the minimum age is 20 years. Here is the procedure for obtaining a learning driving license is –
You should visit to Road transport office of your area with the following documents –
 – Proof of age
 – Proof of residence
 – 3 passport sized photographs
After verification of your documents, you will have to go through a learner’s test. Oftentimes, you will be provided a handbook of traffic rules, signs and regulations copy with the application form. Once you pass the learning test, you will be issued the learning license. This learning license is valid for maximum 180 days.
After completing 30 days of obtaining learning license and before 180 days, you will have to apply for the permanent license. Why that memory is rolling out in my mind. You should be aware about traffic rules and regulations and vehicle system. You will have to carry your vehicle to the RTO office for a driving test. After successfully completing the test, you will be given permanent license.

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