A complete guide to get a birth certificate in Bangalore

Are you struggling to get a birth certificate? Are you the one who wish to know the complete procedure of getting birth certificate quickly? Here is you help. We will cover everything about birth certificate in this article.

What is Birth Certificate – 

The birth certificate is required by every government that gives information about the child such as gender, birth of place etc. It is also required needed when applying for the following – School, Passports, Marriage License, Driver’s License, Insurance, and Bank Accounts



Before applying for the birth certificate, make sure to collect all the required documents-

– Parents birth certificates

– Marriage certificate of the parents

– Proof of birth letter in hospital

– Parents’ identity proof (for verification)


How to apply for birth certificate  


Step one – If the child is born in a hospital, you need to collect a letter from the hospital stating the details of  child’s birth.

Step two: Find the registrar near you and fill the registration form.

Step three – After filling the form, it has to be submitted in the office of local authorities

Next,  The authorities will verify with the hospital.

Step  Four – After the verification, you have to visit the nearest District Statistical Officer and then check the deatils of your registration. For the copy of the certificate, you have to pay Rs 5 as fees.

You can also apply online for the birth certificate. In Bangalore, BBMP’s unit Bangalore One is one center where you can apply for the certificate online. For online registration of birth certificate in Bangalore, visit: www.bangaloreone.gov.in


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