A complete guide for renewing driving license!

For renewing your license or getting a duplicate license, you will have to visit the nearest RTO office from where you have received your license. Within 30 days of expiring your driving license, one will have to apply for a renew license. If you license has been expired five years before, one has to again go for a driving test.


If you want to renew your driving license, within 30days of expiring the license, visit the nearest RTO office with the following documents-

* Application forms – can be downloaded from an RTO website
* Medical certificate – the form can be downloaded from an RTO website and must be filled out by a licensed physician
* Valid permanent licence
* Proof of age
* Proof of resident
* 3 passport size photographs

If the location of the permanent address has been changed, the license holder must file it within 30 days at the nearest RTO office.This rule applies even if the permanent licence holder has moved to another state. A licence holder from another state must also submit a “no objection” certificate issued by the RTO office from where one has received their license.
For changing the address the following documents are required –

* Valid permanent licence
* Proof of address (for the new residence)
* A “no objection” certificate (only for permanent licence holders from other states)
* Fees (vary by state)

In the case of losing the license, one must have to apply for a duplicate passport. For duplicate passport, one must have to file an FIR in the nearest police station from where the license has been lost. After filing the FIR, police will issue a certificate which is compulsory for a duplicate license with other documents.

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